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It’s Not About the Podcast

Sometimes we fool ourselves about where success comes from …

It’s easy to attribute manifested results to the actions that preceded, but savvy creators know that’s not where success really comes from. 

This episode is a reminder not to get caught up in thinking that it’s the diet, the dating site, the investment vehicle, etc. that makes

Manifesting Easy Money

Manifesting money for nothing can be tricky, but conscious creators know we can have whatever we’re willing to vibrate.

Which means that manifesting free money is simply a matter of knowing its vibrational frequency.

And you know what free money feels like, right? If not, this is a fun one to learn!

When the Manifestation Matters

When it feels like a big deal, that’s a good time to pull out our best manifesting mojo and make sure we’re doing our best job of aligning to a successful outcome.

These are the three things I do before every “big deal” manifestation: Remind myself I’ll be okay without it. Appreciate present reality. And remember not to think I know how it’ll happen.

What To Do When You Don’t Know

When you don’t know whether to spend the money, or quit the job, or say “I do,” or follow the doc’s advice, or whatever life decisions are required that you aren’t sure about, this is your LOA primer for knowing the sure path in any situation.

As soon as you hear it you’ll know exactly how powerful it is, and then will likely forget it next time you’re

Making Peace with Pain

“How can you feel better when you feel terrible?” is the question some fellow creators ask when dealing with physical pain.

I’m no expert, but I do have experience with dropping resistance when the body is in a great deal of pain. It’s the same thing we do with any kind of resistance …

You may not be able to shift the

3 Tips To Eliminate Debt the LOA Way

For any conscious creator in the mood to reduce or eliminate their debt load, this one’s for you.

It covers three tips for dropping your credit balances – that you won’t likely hear from muggle money experts.

Engaging even just one of these practices can help your financial

For Bigger Magic, Drop This Habit

There’s one thing in particular we can all do to allow more magic in our lives.

Changing this habit will create sweeter successes and make for more enjoyable manifestations that come faster and easier than ever –

That is to stop trying to connect the dots or plot your path on your own

3 Overlooked LOA Skills

Want to know the three most common missing manifesting skills that keep clients coming for help?

Mastering even just one of these can skyrocket your manifesting success.

Tune in as I share the three practices that don’t get a lot of air time from LOA teachers but totally should …

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