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3 Tips To Eliminate Debt the LOA Way

For any conscious creator in the mood to reduce or eliminate their debt load, this one’s for you.

It covers three tips for dropping your credit balances – that you won’t likely hear from muggle money experts.

Engaging even just one of these practices can help your financial

For Bigger Magic, Drop This Habit

There’s one thing in particular we can all do to allow more magic in our lives.

Changing this habit will create sweeter successes and make for more enjoyable manifestations that come faster and easier than ever –

That is to stop trying to connect the dots or plot your path on your own

3 Overlooked LOA Skills

Want to know the three most common missing manifesting skills that keep clients coming for help?

Mastering even just one of these can skyrocket your manifesting success.

Tune in as I share the three practices that don’t get a lot of air time from LOA teachers but totally should …

Become a Manifesting Regular

Instead of only turning to law of attraction as a last resort when nothing else works, become a regular conscious creator by engaging your manifesting powers on a day in, day out basis.

If you tend to wait until the situation is dire before you turn to your focusing powers, this is your invitation to become a manifesting regular.

The Magic of Dropping Resistance

Whenever a fellow creator says they can’t make peace with their present circumstances, I share this story as inspiration to try again.

Because crazy cool magic happens when we learn to stop pushing against what we don’t want, and instead love life as it is.

That’s what happened to me when I learned to stop hating the weight

Yes, You Did That

It happens to even the savviest of creators …

Where you successfully engage your manifesting powers … and then after your desire unfolds in such a way that it seems obvious it would have happened regardless, you wonder whether you really manifested that.

This is your reminder that yes, you

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