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Yes, You Did That

It happens to even the savviest of creators …

Where you successfully engage your manifesting powers … and then after your desire unfolds in such a way that it seems obvious it would have happened regardless, you wonder whether you really manifested that.

This is your reminder that yes, you

Time for a Story Makeover?

When we know that anything we focus on comes true, it invites a review of the stories we tell …

Are your current stories taking you where you want to go, or are they just creating more of the same?

Sometimes more of the same is what we want! But when it’s not – when we’re in the mood for change – it’s worth paying attention to the

Activating the Vibration

What does it take to get what you want?

Just a little vibration activation, that’s all. Once you can feel what you want as if it were already done, the wheels start turning to make it so.

Here’s a reminder of just how easy it is to put our conscious creation powers to work in favor of all our

Obstacles Are Not for Overcoming

Instead of thinking of obstacles as something to be overcome, savvy creators know those blocks serve as signposts saying, “Not this way.”

As Abraham says, everything we want is downstream, not upstream.

Which means obstructions and hurdles are our friends in that they

The Dreaded LOA Question

It’s challenging enough ignoring present reality while creating our preferred one without everyone asking us how it’s going.

They’re well intentioned, of course, but don’t realize that asking us to say how things are isn’t the best way to manifest what we want next.

Top 5 Self Love Practices

Conscious creators know that love for self is a potent way to align to what we want!

But not everyone knows how to practice it.

Here are my five favorite ways to engage self-love for manifesting success … would love to hear yours over at the blog.

Busting the Joy Myth

Some people come to the inaccurate and unhelpful conclusion that leveraging law of attraction means achieving a state of perpetual joy and happiness.

That’s just not so.

In this episode we bust the myth that successful manifesting requires you to feel good. Share with anyone who

Feel Fabulous or Skip It

Instead of putting our health and fitness focus on what we eat and how we exercise, it’s worth putting attention on what really matters: how we feel about it.

Long story short: if it doesn’t feel fabulous, it isn’t helping. If you can’t enjoy that healthy meal, it isn’t serving you. And if you can feel great about having that dessert, you’re home free!

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