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For the Joy

When we find ourselves doing something to get the payoff at the end, it’s worth remembering that the best payoff is the process itself.

Because if we aren’t enjoying the way there, we aren’t likely to enjoy where it ends.

So if you don’t already love what you’re doing right now, this is your invitation to rethink it – and re-choose in favor of whatever feels

What I’m Doing Different This New Year

One of my new year traditions has been reviewing progress from the prior year and setting new targets for the new year.

But this year I’m playing it different. Instead of picking new goals for what I want to create in 2018, I’m focusing on extracting the most joy possible from my current reality. Not needing things to change in order to get even happier.

Manifesting Wins All Around

What happens when conscious creators are manifesting different things? Like when each athlete wants to win the competition? Or when each job candidate wants to get the offer?

Here’s what to remember when it seems we’re in manifesting “competition” with each other: everyone can have what they want when they stay focused on their

Pretend It REAL Good

When we say something we don’t really mean or might not even want, if we pretend it with enough feeling and emotion in it, it’s coming to fruition. In some form or fashion, our words become our reality.

Which is what I learned after accidentally speaking big love to a friend for a day after losing a bet.

This is the story of how speaking

When the Bad Thing Comes

When it looks like the bad thing is coming for you and there’s nothing you can do, that’s a good time to remember who calls the shots around here. (You do!)

Rather than succumb to fear, you can embrace your creative power by keeping in mind just exactly who you are and what you’re capable of.

Bosses, creditors, diagnoses, aliens – they got nothin’ on you!

Worth Remembering

In a recent close encounter of the higher kind, I was reminded of just who we are and what we’re capable of. 

Passing that reminder along here, so we can better embrace the truth – and the possibilities – of being a conscious creator.

You’ve likely heard these spiritual truths before, but if you haven’t yet taken it in fully, this is your invitation to do so.

It’s Not About the Podcast

Sometimes we fool ourselves about where success comes from …

It’s easy to attribute manifested results to the actions that preceded, but savvy creators know that’s not where success really comes from. 

This episode is a reminder not to get caught up in thinking that it’s the diet, the dating site, the investment vehicle, etc. that makes

Manifesting Easy Money

Manifesting money for nothing can be tricky, but conscious creators know we can have whatever we’re willing to vibrate.

Which means that manifesting free money is simply a matter of knowing its vibrational frequency.

And you know what free money feels like, right? If not, this is a fun one to learn!

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