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Contrast Is Not a Failure

Since we know we create our entire reality, manifestors sometimes feel they’ve done something wrong when we experience what we don’t want.

This episode reminds that contrast is not a failure; rather, it’s an essential part of the process that is equally worthy of celebration we understand its role in the expansion of our good life.

Just for the Joy

There’s a thing that even savvy creators sometimes do …

When we let our attachment to results spoil the fun of whatever we were engaging out of inspiration.

This is a gentle reminder of how the system really works, and what your role is in it. Even though we know this, it’s sometimes easy to forget in day in day out life …

How Soon To Expect Results

If you ever told yourself to be more patient in expecting results from your manifesting process, you’d have good company.

Lots of us think we have to give the magic time to work before we can expect anything to change.

But that’s a myth. Here’s why you not only can – but should – expect immediate results from whatever

How Easy Manifesting Is

It’s so easy to create what we want that this episode is super short …

Do you know the vibration of having your desire? Pre-experience what you want, in your mind’s eye, to manifest it.

Whatever you desire, practicing having it in order to learn the vibration of it. That’s how you focus your preferred reality into

It Might Already Be

What if I said you already have what you’ve been wanting to manifest?

The power of that question, besides that it inspires us to acknowledge the overlooked manifestations, is that it also trains us to look for what we want (rather than what is).

Since we get whatever we look for

Post Vacation Re-Integration

When it’s depressing to return to daily life after a great vacation, here’s how conscious creators can reintegrate without giving up the joys of time away.
It all boils down to deciding you don’t have to give up the essence of what you loved about recreating. Put your powers of intention to good use, and you’ll find regular life gets a pleasant upgrade.

Reversing a Downward Spiral

Everyone’s had that experience of noticing things are going from bad to worse.

What to do when it seems like things are spiraling out of control in the downward direction?
Here are three tips to help halt and even reverse the downward spiral, along with recent real life examples of each …

Making Tough Decisions

Should I stay or should I go? Spend the money or skip the purchase? Get the treatment or go without?

Making big decisions can be tricky business, but there’s a way conscious creators can ensure alignment either way.

Here’s how to navigate the territory of tough choices in a law of attraction savvy way.

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