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Till It Doesn’t Feel Like Practice

Manifesting what we want is a matter of learning the vibration of it.

When that new desire is something we’re unfamiliar with, it can take a bit of practice to get the hang of that vibe.

Practicing (the feeling of it) until it doesn’t feel like practice any more

Releasing the Charge

You know how that thing that really bothers you keeps happening? To you in particular? (Maybe not even to the person standing right next to you, but it always seems to make its way to you?)

That’s a sure sign you’ve got an energetic charge on something that may not be in service to your highest enjoyment of life.

3 Remedies to Shift LOA Limbo

For those times when it seems like we’re not making any headway and we just want to get back in our LOA groove, here are three suggestions that work wonders for me.

They’re such easy forms of vibration management that we often overlook them. But after listening to this episode, you’ll be excited to get back in your

Who’s Training Who?

Are you leading the way to reality, or is reality leading you?

Even savvy creators can find themselves letting their observations of the world train them into a focus that doesn’t allow new desires to manifest.

This is your reminder to be the powerful creator you are by training reality how it is for you.

Celebrating Extra Time

When the thing you want doesn’t seem to be happening as quickly as you’d like, it’s easy to feel frustrated or impatient.

But it’s very likely that this gift of extra time gives us a chance to reach better alignment with the results we want.

So rather than wish it would happen sooner, we can leverage

Making Contrast Your BFF

Some creators think of contrast as an unwanted and unnecessary event to be avoided whenever possible.

But what if you could make it your BFF? Your secret agent for success? What if you welcomed contrast as the reason things got even better for you?

That’s what I did when I found

Instant Manifestation

Yes, some things that we want happen later rather than sooner.

But we’ve all had the experience of instant manifestation. It is a thing, and you can do it, too, under the right circumstances.

Here are my two stories of instant manifestation with my thoughts on what it takes to make the “big” things happen fast …

5 Tips to My LOA Newbie Self

My manifesting learning curve has been the shortest one, but in hindsight I can see what would have made the difference had I known then what I know now.

Here are the five things I’d love to have told my newbie self as I started playing with the principles of conscious creation. It’s interesting that most of these tips

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