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Ultimate Desire or Next Step?

Conscious creators sometimes wonder whether their manifesting efforts are better focused on their ultimate desired end result, or whether it’s more effective to dial on the next obvious step.

The answer is completely personal, depending on where you get the most juice, but there’s another element worth taking into consideration before you solidify your alignment practice.

Tune in for my tips on whether it’s better to manifest in baby steps or big leaps, and as always, let your guidance rule …

You’re Always Doing It

Sometimes fellow creators report that they “suspended their manifesting practice” for one reason or another, or that they got distracted and “fell off the LOA wagon.”

The thing to remember is that if you gave up your manifesting process in favor of something that you enjoyed even more, you’re still doing it! You’re still practicing effective vibration management, even when you stop visualizing or affirming and start playing and enjoying.

And we all know that law of

My Resistance Persistance

It’s so easy to see in others, yet when it was my turn I didn’t pause to shift the vibe …

Which is why I could so easily invite a reader to focus on what she wanted (when she wondered about her boyfriend’s “bad” behavior), but I rolled right along with thoughts about how I never wanted to visit this emergency animal center again.

Within 24 hours I was in their lobby again, this time with a foster cat whose spay went awry.

You’re Saying It Wrong

Same words, totally different vibration.

That’s what happens when you change how you’re saying it.

Might not work on everything, but it’s effective enough to play with now and again. You might just find this is the secret spell that leads you into new vibrational territory once and for all …

But don’t take my word for it. Once again, this is best put into practice to see for yourself whether it makes the good shift for you.

April Q&A: Psychic Says, Fix Family Split

This month’s Q&A episode includes the following questions from listeners:

How did I manifest that? When wondering how you were a match to an outcome you didn’t want, this is one way to approach the question.
The psychic told me something I didn’t like hearing. What to do with that intel?
Finding the better feeling thoughts is really hard when I’m tired and down. What can I do in those situations?

You Don’t Know the Answer Till You Do This

When life calls for us to make a major decision, it’s easy to let our LOA knowledge fly out the window as our muggle training takes over.

We weigh pros and cons, we research and question, analyze and strategize … 

When all the while we’re missing the one thing that guarantees we make the best decision for our success. That’s to align. To activate the vibration of our success in order to be best guided in how to

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