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Like There Was a Reward For It

Zig Ziglar said, “Some people find fault like there was a reward for it.”

I’ll be the first to admit there are times I can be gifted in pointing out the problem, when it’s just as easy to point out the possibility.

You are invited to join me in my intention and commitment to find the silver lining like I was getting paid for it … because the truth is we are. Since like attracts like it is always worthwhile to land on what’s going right instead of

When It Seems Tractionless

Often when we’re not seeing progress toward our big dream, it’s because we aren’t actually aligning to it or because we misinterpret signs of success.

But that isn’t always the case.

Sometimes we conclude nothing’s happening even though we’re aligned and taking inspired actions.

Here are my two favorite remedies for what to do when it seems like we’re not getting traction in manifesting what we want …

The Single Most Underrated Manifesting Method

Can you guess the hands down most overlooked, underrated, dismissed manifesting method known by conscious creators?

It’s not visualizing, or affirming, or scripting of any sort.

Even the savviest of creators sometimes forget the power of this one.

But you won’t after tuning in for this episode, where you will be reminded of the single most

March Q&A: Negative Nellies, Eliminating Doubt, Success Guilt

You’re the star of today’s episode …

at least, a handful of you who recently emailed questions. 🙂

I gave short and sweet answers to questions including: 

What to do about anxiety that I should be doing something?

What to do about the negative nellies in my life?

How do I eliminate doubt about getting what I want?

Change Your Signature; Change Your Life

Is it possible to change your bank account by changing your signature?

Or your love life? Or your professional success? How about your physical health?

This episode is my argument for why it might worth playing around with it …

Whether your signature changes or not, as long as your vibration does, it can’t help but affect the circumstances of your life.

What’s On Your Wall?

If you asked, I’d have told you I don’t use vision boards. Just never been lit up to create one. (Words are more my thing.)

But the truth is we all probably have more than one vision board at work in our lives …

I’m talking about the things we look at on our walls day in, day out. You might not consider your monthly calendar photo or the pics on your fridge to be a “vision board,” but whatever we look at regularly serves as an instruction to Universe to manifest. Whatever we vision

You Already Won the Lottery

Today’s episode is inspired by the quote I have carried with me since the mid 90’s when I used to work a corporate job:

“A man will never grow rich until he is willing to be poor without feeling deprived.”

I don’t know who said it, and I love the LOA nature of it, but I have wondered lately whether we really need to be able to experience poverty without feeling deprived, since we are all actually already ridiculously rich …

Living What Matters

What makes you YOU?

Being in our highest alignment calls for us to not only know the answer to that question, and but also to live it.

When you know what matters to you most and you prioritize that in life (whatever it is), you are living in the vibrational sweet spot which makes all your manifesting efforts more effective.

Tune in for tips on why this question matters even more to conscious creators – and how to

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